The poster was made with real matches. I photographed the "Revolution" white the matches were on fire.  The idea behind the poster is to explain that seldom does people's revolution produce desired outcomes as we examine history. It is easy for a tyrant to gain power while the country is in its most unstable state.
I didn't take a traditional approach with the poster.  I wanted to portray the message from a photojournalistic perspective; to bring you closer, to put you behind the scenes so to speak. The matches were used to help explain the concept, once the revolution starts burning, it grows out of control; it is almost impossible to extinguish. 
Here is the process
I only had one shot at getting this photo right. It was difficult to shoot because I had to balance flash light with the flame so that there won't be severe exposure issues.  As you know the flame produced light fluctuates very fast and it was hard to get the right shot. 
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